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Kanjari is a small town located in the southern part of Kheda District in the state of Gujarat. Its latitudinal and longitudinal coordinate is 22.61° North and 72.91° East. The town is located at a distance of 12.7 kn from the district headquarters Nadiad and 9 km from Anand, the Milk City of Gujarat. Ahmedabad, located at a distance of 69 km from this town, is another important city in its vicinity.

Geography of Kanjari

The town Kanjari is more or less triangular in shape. The area has a flat terrain and an average elevation of 37 meters above the sea level. Anand Nadiad Road passes by its eastern end. The town also has National Highway 8 touching its northern end. In the middle of the town is a large water body known as Kanjari Lake.

Climate in Kanjari

Kanjari is very hot in summer and cold in winter. April, May and June are the warmest months here. While the average temperature remains around 36 degree Celsius during the summer months the maximum temperature may reach up to 42 degree Celsius. January is the coldest month in this region. At times the minimum temperature may go below 12 degree Celsius.

The town experiences very little rainfall. Maximum precipitation occurs in August.However, data from 2000 to 2012 shows that on an average the level of precipitation is only 321 mm during this month and it rains only for 19 days.

Administration in Kanjari

Kanjari falls under Panchayat area and hence the civic administration of the town is provided by a Panchayat Committee.Its responsibilities include maintenance of roads, parks, markets and other public places, keeping records of births, deaths and marriages taking place under its jurisdiction, providing facilities for sanitation and drinking water, implementation of development schemes etc.

The Panchayat Committee in Kanjari consists of members elected by the residents of the town and is headed by a Sarpanch, who is also elected by the people. In case of any necessity you may contact him at 9879992774.

In case you need to reach the Talati you may call at 9909468004.

Administration at district level in Kanjari

However, the District Collector, posted at district headquarters Nadiad, is in overall charge of the district. He is the senior-most administrative officer here and is responsible for overall well being of the residents. In case of any necessity you may contact him at the following address:

Office of District Collector
National Highway 8
Subhash Nagar
City: Nadiad
District: Kheda
Pin Code: 387001
Office Phone No: 0268-2553334
Residential Phone No: 0268-2556700
Email Id:  colkheda@guj.nic.in

Mamlatdar in Kanjari

However, the day to day administration of the area is carried on by Mamlatdar Nadiad (Rural). He works under the guidance of District Controller and is directly responsible to him. It is his duty to keep in close touch with the residents here and give shape to different development projects undertaken by the state government. In case of any necessity you may contact him at the following numbers:

Office Phone No: 0268-2550583
Mobile No: 9825193110

Emergency in Kanjari

It is to be remembered that Gujarat is very prone to natural disaster like earthquake. While the District Collector of Kheda is in charge disaster management within the district, there is also Mamlatdar in charge of disaster. In case of any emergency you may contact him at the following address:

Office of Mamatdar, Disaster Management Cell
C/o Office of the District Collector
Ayojan Bhavan
Office Phone No: 0268-2562799
Mobile No: 9924201999

Business and Economy in Kanjari

Economy in Kanjari

The economy of Kanjari depends both on agriculture and industries. The tehsil was once famous for its tobacco production. However, with the ban on tobacco consumption in public places, the demand for the produce has decreased. Farmers have now switched to cash crops like cotton, castor and bajra. Different types of vegetables are also grown in areas around the town

Amul Cattle Feed Plant in Kanjari

Amul Cattle Feed Plant is one of the biggest enterprises inside Kanjari town. It is owned by Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. Although the company started as a platform for marketing of dairy products later it extended its support to dairy farming. It opened its first cattle feed manufacturing unit in 1964; today it has 12 such plants located in different parts of Gujarat and they together produce 1200 MT of wholesome cattle feed per day.The cattle feed plant in Kanjari is one of them.

Industries around Kanjari

However, the area around this town has many more industrial units. In fact, if we take Nadiad taluka as a whole, we will find it to be the industrial center of the district. Most of the industrial units in this tauka deal in electrical equipments, textiles, paper and food processing.

Places to Visit in Kanjari

Although Kanjari is a small town it has quite a few places of tourist interest located in and around it. Among them we can mention the Temple of Ambaji, Baps Swami Narayan Temple and Dhoeshwar Mahadev Temple located inside the city. Kanjari Lake, located in the heart of the city, is another nice place to visit.

In addition, you can also visit nearby towns like Chaklasi and Boriavi . They too have many places of tourist interest. In addition you may visit the ancient temple of Ranchhorji at Dakor, located at a distance of 35.2 km from Kanjari. Balsinor, located at a distance of 77.2 km is another interesting pace to visit; the city houses the India’s only Jurassic Park.

How to Reach Kanjari

Kanjari can e reached either by National Highway 8 or by Nadiad Anand Road. Kanjari Bus Stop is located on Nadiad Anand Road.

Trains passing through Kanjari

The town can also be approached through rail. Kanjari-Boriavi Raiway Station is located inside the the town. The station coded KBRV has four platforms. Following are the trains that stop at this station:

Train Number: 19011
Name: Gujarat Express
Arrival Time: 13:24 hrs
Departure: 13:26 hrs
Working Days: Daily

Train Number: 19012
Name: Gujarat Express
Arrival Time: 8:03 hrs
Departure: 8:05 hrs
Working Days: Daily

Train Number: 19109
Name: Gujarat Queen
Arrival Time: 8: 52 hrs
Departure: 8:54 hrs
Working Days: Daily

Train Number: 19110
Name: Gujarat Queen
Arrival Time: 19:17 hrs
Departure: 19:19 hrs
Working Days: Daily

Train Number: 19129
Name: BRC Adi Intercity
Arrival Time: 19:06 hrs
Departure: 19:07 hrs
Working Days: Daily

Train Number: 19130
Name: Adi Brc Intercity
Arrival Time: 15:45 hrs
Departure: 15:47 hrs
Working Days: Daily

Train Number: 19215
Name: Saurashtra Express
Arrival Time: 17:54 hrs
Departure: 17:56 hrs
Working Days: Daily

Train Number: 19216
Name: Suarshtra Express
Arrival Time: 8:26 hrs
Departure: 8:28 hrs
Working Days: Daily

Train Number: 59049
Name: Valsad Viramgam Passenger
Arrival Time: 15:02 hrs
Departure: 15:04 hrs
Working Days: Daily

Train Number: 59050
Name: Viramgam Vasad Passenger
Arrival Time: 12: 08 hrs
Departure: 12: 09 hrs
Working Days: Daily

Train Number: 59161
Name: Bharuch Vadtal Swaminarayan Passenger
Arrival Time: 10:16 hrs
Departure: 10:18 hrs
Working Days: Daily

Train Number: 59162
Name: Vadtal Swaminarayan Bharuch Passenger
Arrival Time: 16:51 hrs
Departure: 16: 53 hrs
Working Days: Daily

Train Number: 59163
Name: Anand Vadtal Passenger
Arrival Time: 15:32 hrs
Departure: 15:33 hrs
Working Days: Daily

Train Number: 59164
Name: Vadtal Swaminarayan Anand passenger
Arrival Time: 11:49 hrs
Departure: 11:50 hrs
Working Days: Daily

Train Number: 59439
Name:Ahmedabad Passenger
Arrival Time: 2:14 hrs
Departure: 2:16 hrs
Working Days: Daily

Train Number: 59440
Name: Ahmedabad Passenger
Arrival Time: 0: 48 hrs
Departure: 0: 50 hrs
Working Days: Daily

Train Number: 59441
Name: Ahmedabad Passenger
Arrival Time: 12:14 hrs
Departure: 12:16 hrs
Working Days: Daily

Train Number: 59442
Name: Ahmedabad Passenger
Arrival Time: 14:24 hrs
Departure: 14:26
Working Days: Daily

It is to be noted that not many express trains stop at Kanjari. In fact, Ahmedabad is the major railhead for this town. It is more convenient to travel by train to Ahmedabad and then use connecting trains to reach Kanjari. Otherwise you can take Vadodora Ahmedabad Express Highway to reach Chaklasi and then switch to GJ SH 150 and NH 8 to reach the town.

Kanjari does not have any airport either. Therefore if you want to avail air service you will have to go either to Ahmedabad or to Vadodora and then travel by road transport system to Kanjari.

Kanjari at a Glance

Tehsil: Nadiad
District: Kheda
State: Gujarat
Pin Code: 387325
STD Code: 0268
Elevation: 37 meters above sea level

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